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From breakthrough artists looking to start their own multi-city tour to the budding superstar, we provide touring support, busing and trucking arrangements, staging and all else expected of the “road crew”. We also offer on-location support for major touring acts that are planning a concert in the Midwest region. Our primary services include the area’s premier audio/video/lighting/staging, along with all of the offshoots. From shooting to post production – or setup to teardown – our production crew is hands-on, efficient and professional.

  • Staging/Scenes: Our talented concert staging setup experts are efficient, safety conscious and produce some of the country’s most creative rigging and structure setups. Make any live event power packed with our scene setting experience.  
  • Video Production/Video Editing: Relive the most important experiences of life through the art of creative video production and editing. From beginning to end, we take the time to present modern video concepts.  
  • Lighting: From concerts to lighting for ambiance, we can add excitement to your event. Bring the energy with colorful advanced lighting solutions for all occasions.  
  • Audio: Impeccable music and audio keeps people listening, dancing and staying at your event. Hook them with our high-tech sounds, production and expertise in delivery.  

We are behind you on your dreams of making it to the big stage by offering a cost effective, low overhead way to live out your passion for music. Your fans will enjoy the crystal clear audio, impressive lighting and dramatic staging we can design. All of these features make Heartland Live an appealing choice as your touring A/V/L team.

We’ll help you look and sound even better on your live tour.

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