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Bring Passion to Every Event

We are ready to make your church event an impactful and memorable experience for your audience. From organizing to audio, lighting and concert planning, or mobile church setups let us make your church event successful. Many churches need high impact audio and video to assist in one-time productions, concerts, fundraisers and special live events.

Heartland Live provides an ideal church production solution for churches who need additional production power. We can setup anything from an outdoor service to a glamorous musical, theatre, or live concert both small and grande. Your audience will will relish in the lasting memories of the celebration.

We love doing weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Renewal Ceremonies, and other live celebrations with members of a congregation. And no matter what kind of special requests you may have, we have a solution. Heartland Live networks with many of the Midwest region’s biggest vendors to handle all of your needs.

Bring great value and commitment to your next church event or non-profit. Contact us to talk about your needs.

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